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Curriculum Statement

At Tiger Primary School we believe that a happy child is a successful one. We are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, where all are valued. Our curriculum is designed to create a community where all children participate, achieve and are proud of their achievements.


We believe that education should take place in a fully inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all, regardless of ability, ethnic origin, gender or social background. Our curriculum promotes all children learning to value religious and cultural differences. Our school strives to be at the centre of the local community with positive and effective links to the wider and global communities.


Knowing that every child learns differently, our teachers use a range of teaching styles to ensure that our children are engaged and motivated. Teacher’s present knowledge clearly through discussion, checking understanding, addressing misconceptions, feedback and making links to previous learning. Providing first-hand experiences allow our children to develop their cultural capital, build knowledge and become critical thinkers.


We recognise the importance of a calm and open environment, in which the children are willing to take risks, are independent and take responsibility for their own learning. Teaching is appropriate to the ages and abilities of children, ensuring they understand what is expected of them, giving them the opportunity to achieve success. Teachers provide work that is challenging and stimulating.


At Tiger, we value the importance of developing the children’s knowledge, together with their skills. As a result of this our pupils achieve well, preparing them for the future in a rapidly changing world. Progress means knowing more and remembering more and we strive to promote this through our curriculum.  

Tiger Primary School is part of Future Schools Trust.

Future Schools Trust Registered Office: Hubbards Lane, Linton, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4HX. Future Schools Trust: Registered in England, No. 06272751 a company limited by guarantee.