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Our Approach to Science

Here at Tiger Primary, we want to foster our children’s natural curiosity about the world around us and how it works. We believe that the scientific understanding and enquiry of our young scientists will play a crucial role in addressing our shared global issues such as climate change. We want our children to experience the wonder in learning about our universe and for them to be awakened to the potential of future discovery. 

Science learning at Tiger Primary is built around a well-sequenced and knowledge-rich curriculum that ensures prior knowledge is built upon as children move through the key stages. Units on electricity for example are delivered in Year 4 and then again in Year 6 to ensure that prior learning can be revisited, retrieved and then built upon further. As a skeleton, we use the Andrew Berry’s Kent Scheme for Primary science to piece together long term plans and then build medium-term plans from these that support teachers in deciding which resources are best used to cover the core knowledge expected. 

Here you can find our Whole School Science Overview. 

We aim for pupils to build on their substantive knowledge of the main scientific concepts across the three disciplines of science: biology, chemistry and physics. They learn about and discoveries and the impact of these on our lives. 

Pupils learn about states of matter through the study of solids, liquids and gases. They look at the properties of materials, including rocks and fossils, and study reversible and irreversible changes in materials.

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