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Tiger Primary School

Pupil leadership team

Heads (including Deputies)

These are important and prestigious roles within our school. Our Head Boys and Girls will be tasked with attending school events; in some cases this will include making public speeches or posts on behalf of the school cohort. They will be expected to lead Prefect meetings as well as serve as vital role models for other members of our school community to look up to, especially our younger children.

Head Boy and Head Girl 


Mohammed - Head Boy

As Head Boy for Tiger Primary School, I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen for the role. It is an immense honour and I am determined to live up to the expectations that come with it. I have always worked extremely hard at school and I believe that this will help me be a phenomenal Head Boy. I am particularly passionate about building relationships with younger children as well as those of a similar age to me. I take great pride in welcoming visitors to our school and ensuring that it is a safe environment for all pupils. I want to help and support every student to be the very best version of themselves. 


Havana - Head Girl 
Hello, I am Havana and I am thrilled to introduce myself as Tiger Primary’s new Head Girl. I am often described as someone who naturally motivates others. I have high aspirations for myself and I want to drive others to pursue their goals and chase their dreams. I believe I have natural leadership qualities and I enjoy working as part of a team. I am kind-hearted and I see the good in lots of people - I think this is essential to my role as part of the pupil leadership team. I work very hard in my lessons and I am a voracious reader. I am curious about Science and I relish the practical Science lessons that we do within school. My extra-curricular activities at school have included cooking and learning sign language. I have also been proud to represent the school in many football and netball tournaments. I feel an immense sense of pride every time I see the school logo. I look forward to collaborating with the pupil leadership team and I will strive to be a very successful Head Girl. 

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl 

Dylan - Deputy Head Boy
Hello, my name is Dylan and I am your new Deputy Head Boy at Tiger Primary School. I am looking forward to establishing myself within the pupil leadership team and fulfilling my official duties conscientiously. I love the inner structure of the Tiger core values: teamwork, independence, going beyond the expected, empathy and resilience. Outside of school, I have a unique interest in aviation, politics and history. I also enjoy the process of design and my inspiration is Graham Clarke. I combine my drawing skills to look like satellite images of historical sites. I have a passion for public speaking such as narrating the Year R Christmas play to support younger students. Within my role, I wish to inspire others by being an excellent ambassador for the school. I look forward to working alongside you all in the upcoming year.
Gabriella - Deputy Head Girl
Hello, my name is Gabby and I am the new Deputy Head Girl of Tiger Primary. When I discovered I would be Deputy Head Girl, I was incredibly proud of myself - it was a very touching moment and one that I shall remember forever. I believe that I will make a meaningful contribution to the school by constantly striving to encourage others to aim higher than ever before. Beyond the classroom, I have joined netball club as well as cooking club, homework club as well as the choir. Wearing the Tiger sports kit in a netball tournament was a very happy moment. My favourite lesson in school is maths - my ambition is to go to veterinary school after I attend a grammar school. Within my significant new position, I intend to have a big impact in school by driving all Tiger values as a leading role model for other students. 

Assistant Deputy Head Student

Assistant Deputy Head Students shape themselves as vital leaders within our school. They have been appointed to set high standards in behaviour, attitude and appearance; all these are aspects of school life that Tiger aims to show excellence in. 

Assistant Deputy Head Students 

Sune - Assistant Head Student

Hello, my name is Sune and I am your newly appointed Assistant Head Girl. I am proud to be part of the Tiger community and I am looking forward to the opportunity to welcome important visitors to our remarkable school. During my time here, I have been able to join a variety of clubs and represent the school in tournaments. I always conduct myself with respect and kindness to others which I believe is pivotal for my role and I am looking forward connecting with children in every year group. I also believe that it is important to work diligently in school to achieve my dream of becoming a vet. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the Pupil Leadership Team to promote the happy and positive ethos of Tiger Primary. 


Maisie - Assistant Head Student
Hello, I am Maisie and I am Assistant Head Girl as part of Tiger Primary’s leadership team. I am proud and honoured to serve the school by being an exemplary role model for others. I am committed to the school community as well as our school values. Every child should come into school with a positive attitude - ready to make the most of the opportunities available. I believe I embody this quality by singing in the school choir and having the opportunity to perform street dance publicly through an after-school club. These creative activities add to the variety of clubs I do outside school including ballet, cheerleading and gymnastics. I enjoy the extra-curricular clubs at Tiger Primary and encourage everyone try something new - they may find a new hobby. I would like to thank the school for recognising me as a respectful and kind candidate for the pupil leadership team. 

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