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Tiger Primary School

Year 2

Mrs Ashwell

Mrs Ashwell is the class teacher of Butterfly Class. Her favourite subject is Maths because she loves using lots of resources to help learning. She loves lots of different things besides teaching, such as, travelling to different countries and trying all of the different food! Her favourite food is chicken nuggets and her favourite drink is an iced coffee.

Miss Abley

Miss Abley is the class teacher of Grasshopper class and also an Assistant Head. Her favourite subject to teach is Computing because it is so interesting. Miss Abley loves animals and her favourite is a penguin. She likes to travel to lots of countries around the world and explore. Miss Abley loves pizza and iced coffee, she is also a vegetarian!

Miss Shade

Another member of our Year 2 team is Miss Shade. Her favourite subjects are Art and Literacy. Miss Shade has two children, Finlay and Max. She loves spending time with them at the weekends cooking, creating and having lots of fun!  Miss Shade loves the restaurant ‘Yo Sushi!’ because she loves Yaki Udon (noodles!)  

Miss Warnes

In Butterfly Class Miss Warnes is the class Teaching Assistant. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Art. She likes to do lots of baking, swimming and growing lots of different vegetables. She has 5 pet chickens! Her favourite food is lasagne and garlic bread.

Miss Apps

In Grasshopper Class Miss Apps is the class Teaching Assistant. Miss Apps loves learning all about History. She enjoys visiting the gym and going on walks with her pet dog. Her favourite drink is green tea and she really enjoys spending time with her friends.

Mrs Hughes

Miss Hughes is another member of the Year 2 team. As well as working at Tiger she is  a busy mum of three. She enjoys travelling around and visiting new places. Miss Hughes has a lovely dog called Maddie that loves to join in too. She enjoys listening to music and cycling.

Miss Fernandes

Miss Fernandes is another member of the Year 2 team. She is a busy mum of two. She loves cycling, board games and fun days out with her family. Miss Fernandes also enjoys long walks with her little chocolate sausage dog. She loves reading and baking.


Our learning this term

This term in English our focus is Knights and Castles. We will be looking at instruction writing, stories and diary entries. We are trying to master changing verbs to the past tense, e.g. hop to hopped. In our curriculum lessons, our focus is Remembrance. We will be looking at changes from WW1 to modern day. We will also be looking at artwork involving poppies. In Maths, we are focusing on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and linking this to our times table knowledge. Any work with this at home would be greatly appreciated. We will also be focusing on consolidating our number bonds.


Key information for Year 2

The drop off time for Year 2 is at 8:20am and pick up time is 3.00pm

Our PE day is every Monday. Children must come to school in their PE Kit. Their kit should include black tracksuit bottoms, trainers, coloured PE top and PE jumper. Shorts are allowed but please keep in mind the weather. Please ensure your child does not wear earrings to school on PE days.


Keeping involved at home


A fantastic way to support your child at home is through daily reading. This could be a few pages, leaflets, posters or even a magazine. Children are sent home which match their phonics and comprehension reading level. Please can all reading be recorded daily in the children’s contact books.


Mathletics, TTRockstars and Teams

For Home Learning, the children will be completing their work online. Every Monday the children will be assigned a task on Mathletics. TTRockstars is set every 2 weeks to allow time for battles to be completed. Teams tasks are set weekly on a Monday and are linked to the learning that the children complete in school. 

TT Rockstars



Assigned: Monday 4pm.

Due: Sunday 6pm.


The Year 2 Team are excited to work with the children this year. Make sure you are following @TPS_Year2 to keep up to date with all things Year 2.

If you have any questions then be sure to email or write in the contact books.